Friday, October 06, 2006


So my son likes to take his diaper off, and if there happens to be poop in it he will play with it. This is especially bad if he poops durring nap time, since we don't always catch him before he makes a big mess. For a while we were able to keep him from making messes by putting him in a onsie and long pants, but alas he has learned to take his clothes off. So today I put him down for a nap and took the time to put him in a pair of pj's that I didn't think he had figured out how to take off yet. I then went downstairs to lay down with little girl and notices he was up there talking to himself, but not upset so I just ignored him. Fastforward two hours and I have been dozing with little girl and he is upstairs talking to himself again. Since he is not terribly upset and he has apparently not napped long I leave him in bed for a while eventually going up to check on him. Well apparently he has not napped at all because he is covered with crusty dried poop from head to toe. It took two baths to get him completely clean. Then it took me an hour to scrub the poop off his crib and get him back to bed. I even had to vaccume poop off the carpet. Now I have put him back to bed for a real nap. I will have to go check on him soon to make sure that he is not naked and playing in his poop again.

I just have to ask WHY???? What is so fascinating about playing with your poop?

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SuzyQSparkles said...

Ooooh.... I am soooo sorry!

Would this be a bad time to rub it in your face (pun intended) that my little guy spent the entire morning in one pair of training pants and even pooped in the potty today (I noticed he was starting to bear down and took him in there). This was his first day ever with training pants. I'm so tickled, he's just 20 months! At this rate, he may be potty-trained in time for his second birthday!