Friday, October 19, 2007

I have unofficially, oficially passed

I was able to go online today and check if I passed the test to become a lactation consultant and I passed! I was pretty sure I passed but it is always nice to get that confirmation. They state that nothing is official until you get your certificate in the mail, but I am going to take it on faith that everything will come out alright in the end and call myself a Lactation Consultant. Yeah!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A good day

Today was a pretty busy day in our house. We are having pretty much the entire house painted this week and the painters got here at about 7am this morning. I am very pleased with the work that they are doing, but it has made it difficult to keep the kids out of the way and Alex will not nap if he can hear or see people in the house. So this morning the kids got me up at about 6:30 and the painters got here at 7 I had the kids dressed and fed by 8 and we left to go to the gym for my exercise class and then Abbie's gym class. After that we went to the store where I picked up food for a birthday dinner for Alex (he is 3, hard to believe). We then went home and had lunch and I put Abbie down for a nap and tried to get Alex to take a nap but he wasn't having it. So, he and I hung out until 3ish when the painters left and then I put him down for a nap. Unfortunately Abbie got up about the same time that I put Alex down so I didn't get any child free time this afternoon. For dinner I invited my dad to join us since my mom is out of town this week, we had hamburgers, fries and a small birthday cake (Alex had a bigger party last Saturday). Afterwards we hang out and talked for a bit and then I went to quilt guild and Joe put the kids to bed. All in all a good day, I am really pleased with how the painting is turning out and am really glad that it is getting done. Our walls were the flat white paint that the builder painted and they were filthy dirty.

Sorry that this is going to be another photo free post but I still haven't figured out how to get the pictures off my camera and my husband has gone to bed so I can't ask him to help. (I figured it out and have added some pictures, the first one is from Alex's b-day party on the 13th and the second one is from his actual birthday)