Saturday, December 29, 2012

My First Influenster Box

I love trying out new products, especially when I get to try them for free!  Just before Christmas I got my first Vox box in the mail from influenster.  So far we have tried out the hairbrush which has microfiber bristles to help dry your hair faster.  Abbie gives it a thumbs up.  Not pictured is the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine because it is in my purse because I wore it the other day.  The other item not pictured is the Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal that I brought to work and will have it for breakfast next week.  I'll let you know how it tastes.

Easy Street Clue 6

As the name of the mystery suggests this weeks clue was very easy. I finished it today in record time. This weeks clue has us cutting triangles which makes me suspect that this quilt will be on point.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clue 5 done

I finished clue 5 tonight.  I really like the colors in this quilt, but I am still stumped about what the final quilt is going to look like.  Can't wait for tomorrow's clue!

I'm linking this up to Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Monday linkup here.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Street Clue 4 Done

Bonnie said that as we get closer to Christmas the clues for her Easy Street mystery were supposed to get easier. I have to disagree with her on that this week. This week seemed to take twice as long as last week, but I finally managed to finish tonight. I am really liking the colors that were chosen for this quilt!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street Part 3 Done

This year some friends and I have all decided to do Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery.  I have greatly enjoyed the added camaraderie of doing the mystery together.  It is way more fun to sew with a group than it is to sew by myself.  This last weekend I went over to my friend Angela's house to work on clue #3 and was able to finish it in just a few hours.  The pictures are clue #1, #2 and finally #3.  I am posting this as part of Bonnie's Mystery Monday linkup.  You can find other posts here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunbonnet Sue Blocks
 The other night at Nimble thimbles I was fortunate to get some great Sunbonnet Sue blocks and a great quilt.  To my untrained eye I would say that these are 1930's fabrics but I'm not sure.  The Dresden plate quilt appears to be long-arm machine quilted and machine pieced so I am not sure if this is an older top that someone had finished, a multi-generational project or what.  Unfortunately both items smelled very strongly of moth balls and even in the short time with them in my car on the way home from guild I had a headache, watery eyes and an itchy nose.  I knew it would be a risk to wash the quilt but with the odor the way it was I felt I had no choice but to try.  So the quilt got washed in cold water on the gentle cycle the first time with baking soda added to the water and the second with vinegar added to the water.  I also used a couple color catchers in case the colors ran.  Even after two washings the quilt still smelled pretty bad but I decided to hang it to dry and see how it was in the morning.  Luckily it smelled much better in the morning and now only has a faint moth ball odor.  I didn't want to risk washing the blocks so I took and old sheet and sprayed it with febreze and laid the blocks on top then I folded the sheet over the top of the blocks and sprayed again with febreze and let it sit overnight.  This got rid of most of the odor but touching them is still a bit irritating to my skin and eyes so I am trying to get the top pieced and quilted asap so that I can wash it.

Fortunately I  recently got the perfect color solid lavender fabric at a quilters garage sale that I was able to use for sashing.  Now I can't decide what to do around the outside.  My original plan was to use the same size purple sashing around the edges, but I would like this quilt to be twin sized and that would make it plenty wide but not long enough.  My other thought would be to make the top and bottom sashing bigger than the sides but I am not quite sure I would like the look of that.  The last option is this floral fabric that I found in my stash.  I was thinking about an inner border in the purple and then a 4" or 5" border in the floral.  What do you think?

With Sashing
Close-up of Dresden Plate
Border Option

Dresden Plate

Friday, June 15, 2012

See my time on pinterest IS useful!

Abbie and her complete bracelet

Abbie's duct tape wallet

Alex winding embroidery floss


I want more!

These went FAST
Apparently I decided to put my pinterest addiction to use today.  We started off the day with Banana Baked Oatmeal and since I had the oven heated up I decided to make a batch of granola too. Then the kids and I gave the dogs a bath and headed to the pool.  After the pool we ran a couple errands and then came home and rested.  After that I taught the kids how to make a simple friendship bracelet out of embroidery floss (and had the bonus of teaching my kids how to wind embroidery floss onto those cardboard bobbins).  Next we made yummy cinnamon sugar pretzel bites (which was basically our dinner, just being honest).  Lastly we headed out to Michael's for a free make and take and the kids got to make duct tape wallets.  A very busy but productive day!

** Here is my granola recipe.  I was going to link to the site that I got it from but she has commercialized to so much that I now can't find the recipe anymore.

Brown Sugar Granola

1/2 cup margarine (I use butter)
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup water
1/4 tsp salt
4 cups old fashioned oats (not instant)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup dried fruit (optional)
1/2 cup nuts or seeds (optional)

In a large saucepan melt the margarine, sugar and water.  Stir well and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes.  Add the salt oatmeal and cinnamon. Remove from heat, stir until all the oats are moistened.  Place granola onto a cookie sheet with sides and bake at 375 for 10 minutes (should be golden brown).  Allow granola to cool in pan.  When cool break into chunks and store in an airtight canister (if using add fruit and/or nuts at this point).

This is the best granola, easy to make and tasty.  We like to just it it by the handful but it can also be eaten on top of yogurt or like regular cereal with milk.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fun

I'm writing this more to remind me of things to do with the kids this summer but thought some others might like this information too.

Summer Reading Programs:

Maricopa County Library District earn a free book when you read 24 plus prizes for every 8 you read

Barnes and Noble get a free book when you read 8

Half Price Books get a $5 gift certificate when you read 300 minutes

Fun Things to Do:

Bookmans Summer Kids Club, at the Mesa store there are free kids events every Wednesday at 1pm, sign up for their kids club and get 10% off your purchase.

Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp, free crafts, smores cookout, workshops and activities.  They even have workshops for boy scouts to earn merit badges.  These are on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Michaels, free crafts every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday from 1-4pm

Harkins Summer Movie Fun 10 weeks of kids movies for $7.  Most of the East Valley sites are sold out but the Chandler Mall one still has passes.

Lowes Build and Grow offers free kids clinics on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

Home Depot Kids Workshop is on the first Saturday of every month.

Free Breakfast/Lunch:

These are all free for children 1-18 regardless of income.  The kids and I went today and they thought it was a great treat.

AZ state information

Higley School District

Mesa School District

Chandler School District

Gilbert School District

Queen Creek School District

Can you think of any more free or cheap things to do with the kids this summer?

Monday, June 11, 2012

A small wall quilt

A few weeks ago I saw a cute trip around the world quilt at my friends house and wanted to make one for myself.  I decided to use leftover scraps from making Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Crossroads and came up with this Neapolitan colored wall-hanging.  It's finished size is 12'x12" and is hanging in a spot by my front door. The pattern is "A for Adaminaby" from Australian Patchwork and Quilting (I'm not sure the month or year).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Selling Train Stuff

Alex has decided that he no longer wants his train table or trains. If you are interested let me know.

Train table

Trains and Tracks