Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am such a girl!

Now I bet you immediately thought of something pink and fluffy, well I don't do pink and fluffy. Tonight I flexed my girly muscles and used an electric drill in the garage. I bought peg board for my office and the garage a LONG time ago. I installed the peg board in my office and love it to death, but never got around to installing the peg board in the garage. Well the garage has become a black hole of tools and anything else that gets put in there. I finally decided that I had enough and after I put the baby to bed tonight I went into the garage and put up the pegboard. I also put up a magic holder that I got at Costco a long time ago. It is for holding handled tools and it seems to work well. Eventually I will tame the black hole that is our garage.

The kids and I are on the road to recovery from our illnesses. If the trend continues we might actually venture out of the house tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We're all a bunch of sickos

Truly, both kids are sick with bad colds and I have some strep-like nastiness in my throat. So not much blogging going on, not much house cleaning getting done either. I got a little sewing done last night when I couldn't sleep. I have gotten all of the stack and whack blocks done for my counterpoint stars quilt and now just need to assemble the top. My husband is making noises that he wants this to be his quilt, but I haven't decided, I originally started this to be my quilt but have since made another one for myself.

Here is a picture of my son, notice the bags under his eyes. What a trooper.