Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am such a girl!

Now I bet you immediately thought of something pink and fluffy, well I don't do pink and fluffy. Tonight I flexed my girly muscles and used an electric drill in the garage. I bought peg board for my office and the garage a LONG time ago. I installed the peg board in my office and love it to death, but never got around to installing the peg board in the garage. Well the garage has become a black hole of tools and anything else that gets put in there. I finally decided that I had enough and after I put the baby to bed tonight I went into the garage and put up the pegboard. I also put up a magic holder that I got at Costco a long time ago. It is for holding handled tools and it seems to work well. Eventually I will tame the black hole that is our garage.

The kids and I are on the road to recovery from our illnesses. If the trend continues we might actually venture out of the house tomorrow.


Beth said...

You GO girl! I discovered power tools when my husband was deployed to Baghdad. I sledgehammered out the old (read : NASTY) pressed board flat paint shelves. I spackled, sanded, primed, painted and installed new shiny wire CLEANBABLE shelves in the WHOLE pantry. :::flexing muscles::: watch out world, I have discovered POWER TOOLS! :::grin:::

Sweet P said...

Hooray for you! I love woman who is not afraid of tools.