Monday, August 09, 2010

Public Exposure

Look what's hanging
behind the register at Cutting Edge Quiltworks in Chandler, AZ!

First Day of School

Alex had his first day of kindergarten today. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was registering him for school and now his first day of kindergarten has come and gone. Last night Alex was excited to go and even picked out his clothes for the day and what he wanted for lunch. This morning was not so great. Alex woke up and refused to wear his new clothes and insisted on wearing something else. This was followed by a tantrum and hiding under the train table. After trying to calm him down I ended up carrying him out to the car. Fortunately by the time I dropped Abbie off and got to his school he had calmed down. At first he was refusing to let me take his picture or even to hold his backpack, but after a few minutes on the playground and meeting a boy in his class I was able to leave him happily sitting at his table in class. When I picked him up from his dad's house this afternoon he was full of smiles and told me he had a fun day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better now that he knows what to expect.