Friday, October 06, 2006


So my son likes to take his diaper off, and if there happens to be poop in it he will play with it. This is especially bad if he poops durring nap time, since we don't always catch him before he makes a big mess. For a while we were able to keep him from making messes by putting him in a onsie and long pants, but alas he has learned to take his clothes off. So today I put him down for a nap and took the time to put him in a pair of pj's that I didn't think he had figured out how to take off yet. I then went downstairs to lay down with little girl and notices he was up there talking to himself, but not upset so I just ignored him. Fastforward two hours and I have been dozing with little girl and he is upstairs talking to himself again. Since he is not terribly upset and he has apparently not napped long I leave him in bed for a while eventually going up to check on him. Well apparently he has not napped at all because he is covered with crusty dried poop from head to toe. It took two baths to get him completely clean. Then it took me an hour to scrub the poop off his crib and get him back to bed. I even had to vaccume poop off the carpet. Now I have put him back to bed for a real nap. I will have to go check on him soon to make sure that he is not naked and playing in his poop again.

I just have to ask WHY???? What is so fascinating about playing with your poop?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Top finished

I finished the top for my Oklahoma Backroads quilt today. I really like how the borders calm the quilt and allow you to see the pattern rather than all the seperate fabrics. I will be going to Nimble Thimbles tonight to show it off.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I got to sew!

All I had to do was have a cranky baby that only wanted to sleep in the sling and only if I was moving. Actually the thing that put her to sleep the best was when she was in the sling and I was vaccuming. I am not sure what has been going on, but the last two days she has been really irritable and not sleeping well durring the day. This evening she finally passed out about 6pm and is still asleep. I am about to wake her up and feed her.

This last weekend was a really busy one with two birthday parties. The first one was at a place called Bounce U. It was really fun and a great alternative to Peter Piper Pizza. The second one was smaller and at another friend's house. Both were fun parties for the kids and silly boy behaved himself very well at both (especially considering he is not good at sharing and tends to bite when he gets frustrated). As a treat I bought him two matchbox cars and he has been having a great time playing with them.

Well as the title says I managed to sew a little tonight and got the two long outer borders on my Oklahoma Backroads quilt. I just have the two smaller borders and the quilt with be ready for quilting.

The two pictures are of silly boy that my husband took recently. He just loves his retro rocket and he loves wearing hats.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October already

Can you believe that it is October already. I will be turning 30 this month, I can hardly believe it.

On a couple of the other blogs that I read the ladies have been going over their progress towards their September goals and talking about goals for October. I did this in August but not in September so I think it is time to start up again. So here are my goals for October:

1. Get dressed every morning.
2. Take a shower every day so that I don't constantly smell like soured milk
3. Finish my September blocks for Quilter's Delight
4. Take baby steps towards developing a new routine

That's about it for goals for this month. With my husband going back to work this next week I know that any little progress with be hard.

Today little girl has gas and has had a pretty rough morning where all she wants to do is nurse (but not really get any milk) and be held. If I do manage to get her to fall asleep she wakes right back up if I put her down. I was sitting on my exercise ball and gently bouncing her and she seemed to like it, but my back was getting sore from the position I was holding her. She is now in the swing making grunting/whimpering noises. I will probably have to go pick her up soon. I was hoping she would fall asleep so that I could go take a shower. No such luck she just started crying.