Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas. Things were nice around here. The kids were with their Father on Christmas Eve so my parents came to my neck of the woods to have dinner with me and go to church. Then on Christmas morning the kids and I went to my sister's house for lunch. The kids had a fun and busy day. Alex's favorite toy was a small electric train and Abbie's is a baby stroller.

Doria needs a quilt

Abbie got a Doria (Dora the explorer) doll for Christmas. Yesterday morning she was playing with it and another doll and I went to leave the house to run some errands. Apparently the dolls needed a blanket to go to bed and Abbie had appropriated my fleece jacket as a blanket. So, while the kids were out yesterday afternoon I quickly put together a quilt for Abbie's dolls.

The pannels are 4 1/2" x 10 1/2" string pieced units that I have been using as leader/enders, the borders are 2 1/2" black strips from my precut strips drawer and the binding and backing are a cute jungle fabric of H's that I had.

Monday, December 22, 2008

This weekend

The 18th was my mother's birthday so on Saturday the kids and I went up to my parents house for her birthday dinner. On the way home we stopped at Bass Pro Shops so that the kids could visit Santa. Last year it was Alex crying but this year Alex happily saw Santa but Abbie was unhappy. My pictures aren't great but hopefully the one that Bass Pro took will be better. Check out this picture of Alex, he has been having a feeding frenzy (means a growth spurt is comming) lately and now I am really noticing some chages to his face. He looks like such a boy now.

Sunday H, L and I had our annual gift exchange. Fun was had by all and some great gifts were exchanged.