Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Quick Update

Just a quick update since it is almost 1 am here and we have to be up at 6. Got up this morning in Salt Lake at 6am (we could have slept until 10 if we could have slept). It was still snowing and we were both worried that our flight would be canceled. We managed to get out of Utah just fine and everything else went smoothly (if you count numerous hours in too close contact with strangers) and we are now at our hotel in Miami. The kids are well with Suzy but I miss them fiercely. Joe and I have been looking at the pictures she is sending us when we feel lonely for them.

Some Great Pictures

Suzy sent along some great pictures of Abbie girl in the bath last night. She just LOVES water.

Apparently the kids have not been on their best behavior since we left yesterday. I really hope that they will settle down into the Sholar's routine and things will get easier from here on out.

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Change of Plans

We were originally planning on getting up Saturday morning and driving to Salt Lake to catch our 3pm flight but that plan changed this morning when we woke up to falling snow. As the morning wore on it became more and more clear that we needed to get into Salt Lake today or risk missing our flight tomorrow. So after some hurried last minute packing, laundry and errand running we kissed the kids goodbye and got on the road. The pass that we took from Salt Lake to Rock Springs was already closed so we had to take an alternate route. It pretty much snowed the whole way here and we had to be in 4 wheel drive most of the way, but we made it here safely (in about twice as much time as it took to get from Salt Lake to Rock Springs). We are staying at a hotel near the airport tonight and have just enjoyed a pretty decent meal that a local restaurant delivered to our room. I miss the babies already, but I am extremely grateful to be given this opportunity to have a much needed break from the constant work of having two small children. I have pictures from the drive today but the camera is in the car and I'll have to post them the next time I get on the internet.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A slow day

Last night we all didn't go to bed until about midnight and then Abbie wouldn't sleep so I ended up with her on the couch with me for most of the night (nursing a lot for comfort). Then this morning the boys were up by 7:30. After breakfast we took the boys to gymnastics class and Joe stayed at the apartment with Abbie while Tom went to work. After gym class we went to a cute little quilt store in Green River and I bought 3 yards of fabric, a really cute monster panel and a book on making aprons. We then came home and made lunch fed the kids and I tried to get Abbie to take a nap while Joe took Alex on an adventure to the local wildlife preserve in hopes of taking some pictures of wildlife. Abbie didn't ever take a nap but I was able to rest a while. This evening Suzy made some yummy chicken enchiladas and I made Spanish rice, everyone enjoyed it except Alex who refused to even try anything (although he has eaten and liked my Spanish rice before). After dinner we put the kids down and the adults had a bit of computer time and then we played two fun games, toss up and pick picnic. It's now about 9:45 and the Sholars are getting ready for bed and and as soon as I am done with this I will be too.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I was notified that I won another giveaway that I found on prizey. I won a $45 gift certificate to flattenme.

The Adventure Begins

I have been writing this as we go and will be uploading as I have internet access.

December 4, 2007

The adventure begins

We left town about 10:30 this morning after a pretty sleepless night. Last night we put Alex to bed at his usual time and we could not get him to stay in his room or settle down long enough to go to sleep. We even at one time tried letting him sleep in bed with us. There was some difficulty in getting the roof bag onto the roof, packed and tied down but it holds so much stuff that it is truly worth the hassle. The only other way we would have been able to bring enough stuff for this trip would have been to rent a trailer and we didn’t want to deal with that in the snow. I bought the duffle bags that fit into our roof bag and that made it much easier to gauge how much would fit and to contain all of the small clothing items that needed to be packed in it. We stopped at Cracker barrel (my favorite road, especially since they have Swedish fish) in Flagstaff for lunch about 1:30. From there we took highway 89 north and then took 89A to Kanab. 89A which goes close to the north rim of the Grand Canyon was so pretty with a covering of snow and very peaceful since there were not too many people on the road. We got into Kanab, Utah about 6:30 and stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner. After dinner we decided that it was too early to stop for the day so drove for another 50 miles to a town call Panguich (sp?) and got a room at a small motel (cheap, clean but for $44 most assuredly not luxury). Now Joe and I are both on the computer, Abbie is in her pack and play and Alex is running around the room out of control. I guess it’s a good thing that this motel doesn’t look too busy. Tomorrow we will drive to Salt Lake and pick up some cold weather gear and then head onto Rock Springs.

December 5, 2007

In Wyoming now

This morning the kids woke up about 6:30 and we decided to just get going and were on the road by 7:30. At 10 when the kids were starting to get stir crazy we just happened to be driving past a McDonalds with a play area so I had Joe stop so we could let the kids out for a while. We ended up staying for nearly an hour and the kids were much happier after that. We got into the Salt Lake area around 1 and went to a Walmart to get some of the cold weather gear that we couldn’t get in Phoenix. After lunch and shopping we headed out for Rock Springs and arrived at Sholar Siding around 6:30 just in time for dinner. After dinner the kids were going nuts and Suzy had the brilliant idea of taking them to the local rec center so they could burn off some energy. The boys ended up practically running for a half mile on the running track before going to the play area and letting them play for over a half an hour. We then took them home and put them to bed. Now all the adults are sitting in the Sholar’s living room working on the computers (3 laptops and 1 blackberry).

Monday, December 03, 2007

This year's family picture

Last night Joe had a friend come over to help us take our annual family picture. Thanks to some photoshop magic on the part of my husband I think that this one turned out pretty cute.