Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Quick Update

Just a quick update since it is almost 1 am here and we have to be up at 6. Got up this morning in Salt Lake at 6am (we could have slept until 10 if we could have slept). It was still snowing and we were both worried that our flight would be canceled. We managed to get out of Utah just fine and everything else went smoothly (if you count numerous hours in too close contact with strangers) and we are now at our hotel in Miami. The kids are well with Suzy but I miss them fiercely. Joe and I have been looking at the pictures she is sending us when we feel lonely for them.


:) Heather said...

glad you made it to FL - I have to beleive that it is hard without the kids, but enjoy this time, you'll be back sooner than you think!!!!

SuzyQSparkles said...

Would it be in bad taste to say "I have to beleive that it is hard with kids". Gimmie a minute... I'll go post a picture I took of myself right after bathing all four of them tonight. (Know this, one must have a GREAT deal of self-confidence to post a picture like this!)

Suzy :D
PS: We had a GREAT day! It's just exhausting work when you're not use to it... and I'm not and they're not. Tomorrow will be even better, because today really did go smoothly!