Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drafting a block

Ever since my good friend S made my son a taggie blanket as a baby shower gift I have adapted the idea and make mini quilt taggies to give as shower gifts. I have two showers coming up in the next couple of weeks so I decided it was time to get a start on the gifts. The babies are boys so I didn't get to have as much fun with the pretty fabrics but I am pleased with how the quilt block for the front side turned out.

I found this block today on the crazy mom quilts blog. There were not construction instructions so I decided to draft it myself. Let me tell you this is not a beginner block! There are a heck of alot of quarter square triangles to deal with. I must have unsewn a half a dozen seams before I got it together. The taggie for the second shower this month will be identical to the first. I put minkie on the backside so it will be nice and soft. All the fabric and trims for this will come out of my stash.

Friday, March 28, 2008


It is becoming more and more obvious lately that Alex is growing up. He has started to have a grasp of time, and he has also started wanting to read to his dad and I. As a consequence of this growing up it has also become clear that it is time for him to go to preschool, often asking to go play with his friends. Because he was late to potty train I really haven't seriously looked into it before this point but now that I am I am having trouble finding one that fits our needs and out budget. I am sure that the right preschool will be found sooner or later. A few of the quirks that Alex has developed lately are wanting to wear his Spiderman snow boots everywhere (they are from out trip to Wyoming) and wanting to pee in the backyard like the dogs. The boots I haven't really minded, but the peeing in the backyard has become a problem because he does it no matter if we have company or not (in fact my mom snapped a picture of him doing just that on Easter Sunday, I'm keeping it for blackmail later).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Part 3

Well after a too long break I have finished step 3 of the Carolina Crossroads mystery. I haven't been too motivated to do any sewing lately but then Bonnie posted the first step for her new mystery quilt so I decided that it was high time that I finish the first quilt. I have just one more step of making components then I get to start putting the larger blocks together. I am really pleased with how things are looking and can't wait to put the whole thing together.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Catch up

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. We had a pretty busy one here. My brother and his wife were in town this week from Ohio so on Friday we headed to a local park that has a small train and carousel for a picnic and play time. Everyone had a great time and we even got to watch them stock the pond with catfish. Check out those pigtails on my little girl, I just started putting them in her hair this week (that is a mommy made outfit btw). Saturday my friend H had an easter egg hunt at her house and we went over there for a short time before heading up to my parents house for a wedding reception for my brother and his wife (since they got married out of the country). Saturday was a very long day and we didn't get home until nearly 9pm. Sunday I invited our families over for lunch and it was a very nice time, but let me tell you after the busy day on Friday and Saturday I woke up Sunday wishing I could just lie around and be lazy all day. Luckily all I had to provide food wise was the ham which I had picked up Saturday morning. My husband was also a great help in cleaning up before and after the party.

Alex is much better, Abbie still has a runny nose and I have a cough and am congested. All and all though, we are on the mend and for that I am grateful.