Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a deal!

I've told you about iMommies before but I have to tell you again, they let me know about another great Safeway deal. Buy 25 items get a $20 coupon off your next purchase. So today I went and spent $14.72 out of pocket for all this and I have a $20 coupon for my next purchase. I had $14 in coupons (they double) and a $10 off coupon from last weeks deal. I'll be going back again to take advantage of the savings. I do have to note that these are not items I would normally buy because they are not necesities and ususally are a bit more than I will spend. But they are things we like and will use and at this price they are a great deal.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Check out my ebay auctions

I am selling some things one ebay in an attempt to declutter a bit. Please check it out here.

Bits and pieces

My husband has been out of town for nearly a week now. The kids and I are doing well, but it did mean that he and I were not able to celebrate Valentines day. I decided to celebrate with the kids instead. We took a trip to the train park where the kids got to ride the train and the carousel and we finished off the day with family night at Chick-fil-a, fun was had by all.

On Wednesday I found out I won a $30 gift certificate to Baskin Robins from MomReviews. Yummy! I am going to use it to buy an ice cream cake for my nephews 1st birthday this Saturday.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Good Day

This is my 200th post! I can hardly believe it.

Today was a really good day I woke up this morning to an email telling my that I had won another giveaway. I won a set of miracle markers from Embroidery Treasures. The my friend H and I went to the Boon office for a consumer survey. I can't tell you what they asked me about, but I can say that one of the products we talked about was too cute and I want one! In return for our time they gave us some cool Boon products. I got Bath goods, flo, fluid, mod ware, and a snack ball. Add this to the boon animal bag I won and I have quite a collection of Boon products.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our little garden, part 1

Alex has been very interested in plants lately and I have always dreamed of eating fresh vegetables picked from my very own garden. Last month I asked my father to build me a 4'x4'x 6" box so that I could make a little garden and he not only made one for me he came and helped stake it into the ground. About that time I was reading America's Cheapest Family and they happened to mention Square Foot Gardening (SFG). SFG is based on 4'x'4 boxes for gardening so I thought it would be perfect. I got the book for the library and have been following their advice on how to set up a garden. Today Alex and I went out and planted our first seeds. The weather has been great lately and I think that we will be okay as long as we don't have another cold spell (if we do I'll cover it in plastic and hope for the best. I hope to be able to show pictures of the garden as things start to grow.