Saturday, August 19, 2006

Making Progress

Well I have been making progress towards my goals. Yesterday I was able to spend an hour sewing while Alex napped. I managed to get the center of one BOM done and the center of the other almost done. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest done sometime today. I also made the alternate block to the log cabin variation. I am not sure that I like it. I'll take pictures when I get a chance and post them.

Today I am taking the first owner's class for my new sewing machine that I got over 3 months ago. I have had to wait this long becuase they don't offer weekend or evening classes very often. I guess they think that only people without jobs and kids buy sewing machines.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sample Block

Tonight I dug out the cat and dog fabrics and made up this sample block. I think that I need to live with it for a little while to decide if I like it enough to make 34 more blocks. I also think that I need to make the alternate block so that I can see what it is going to look like. I used 2 1/2" strips and the finished block is supposed to be 14" but I always seem to have a little problem with log cabin type blocks not being completely square. Oh well I think I am going to have to put it in the good enough catagory.

I think I will use solids for the alternate blocks. The picture doesn't really show it but the background is a cream color and kind of looks dull. I am reluctant to use white in a quilt for a kid though. Maybe some brighter alternate blocks will perk things up.

I am off to spend 15 minutes picking things up a la Fly Lady and then I think I am off to bed.

I like this quilt!

I have been trying to decide what quilt to make for my son when we move him to a big boy bed (probably within the next few months) and someone on stashbusters posted a link to this quilt today and I love it! I think that I have made my mind up as to what I am going to make for his room. I have a bunch of cat and dog fabrics that I think I will use as well as a cream on cream background with dog prints that I will use. I need to figure out the sizes, but I'll use 2 1/2" wide strips. I think that I am going to break my resolution and start working on this tonight. I have been needing a new project to get excited about.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time flies

Joe requested that I take a picture of Alex for him today so when I saw Alex get into the baby swing that we brought down the other day I couldn't resist. It is amazing how much they change in such a short amount of time. The first picture is from November 28 2004 when Alex was a little over a month old. The second picture is from today. It is hard to remember him ever being that small. I guess we are going to have our memories refreshed about how small babies are in the near future. I went to the doctor today and I have dialated to one YEAH! Mabye I won't be a week late with this one. Although I do hope that she waits for Joe to get back from Seattle.

Alex and I had a good day together today. I put him down for an early nap and he slept for over 3 1/2 hours. I actually had to wake him up so that we could go to my OB apointment. I hate going there in the afternoons because they seem to be even slower than in the mornings, but the lady assured me when I made the apointment that I was the second person after lunch and the apointment should be timley. Well we were there for at least 45 minutes before I was even seen by my OB. To add insult to injury I got to wait at least 20 minutes in the examining room bare from the waist down. Oh joy! Hopefully Abbie will come soon so I don't have to go to too many more of these apointments. After my apointment he and I went to the mall and had lunch and then I let him play in the play area for a while and he had a blast! It is fun to see him playing and having a good time. After that we shared a cookie and then headed home.

And now onto something quilt related. I finished goal #1. Tonight I spent a half an hour ironing the center for my king sized quilt and now it is ready for me to put the borders on it. If I feel up to it tomorrow I will get started on goal #3 so that I can get those blocks done and not have to pay for my new blocks if Abbie comes early.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A productive day

Today I had a productive day. I acomplished one of my goals and got two other things done as well. I acomplished goal #2 and managed to measure my son and get the pattern traced for his winter coat. I won't need this for a couple more months, but I wont have time to make it after the baby comes.

My mother came over today and helped me hand the wallpaper border in Abbie's room. It turned out so nice looking. Now all thats left is for me to decide if I want to make a valance or not. I have pulled some purple fabrics from my stash to "test drive" and will decide once I see how they look.

Lastly I made a new sheet for the cradle and got it assembled. Yeah! The fabric I got for free and is a bit dated, but I was either going to use it for the back of a quilt or cut it up for scrappy quilts, but this was as good of a use as any other.

My husband leaves town tomorrow for 9 days so I am not sure that I am going to get much else accomplished this week. Oh, I did make some progress towards goal #1. Yesterday I sewed the last row on so all I have left is to iron it and it will be ready to put the borders on. It will be so nice to finish that quilt since it has been hanging over my head for so long now.