Sunday, August 13, 2006

A productive day

Today I had a productive day. I acomplished one of my goals and got two other things done as well. I acomplished goal #2 and managed to measure my son and get the pattern traced for his winter coat. I won't need this for a couple more months, but I wont have time to make it after the baby comes.

My mother came over today and helped me hand the wallpaper border in Abbie's room. It turned out so nice looking. Now all thats left is for me to decide if I want to make a valance or not. I have pulled some purple fabrics from my stash to "test drive" and will decide once I see how they look.

Lastly I made a new sheet for the cradle and got it assembled. Yeah! The fabric I got for free and is a bit dated, but I was either going to use it for the back of a quilt or cut it up for scrappy quilts, but this was as good of a use as any other.

My husband leaves town tomorrow for 9 days so I am not sure that I am going to get much else accomplished this week. Oh, I did make some progress towards goal #1. Yesterday I sewed the last row on so all I have left is to iron it and it will be ready to put the borders on. It will be so nice to finish that quilt since it has been hanging over my head for so long now.

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