Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A tooth Finally!

Well my sweet baby girl finally got her first tooth on Sunday. Hallelujah! She has been working on that tooth for over a month.

Recently a friend gave me a stack of her old shirts that she was going to give to Goodwill. She knew that I like to recycle old clothes into clothes for my kids. Last Friday I was able to make a t-shirt and a pair of shorts for my son and an a-line tank top for my daughter. I was going to take a picture of them together in their new outfits, but my son got sick on Saturday and threw up on his new outfit before I could get a picture. You can see the top on my daughter though. I embellished it with a pooh patch and ribbon that I got in a set at the cheap fabric store for 65 cents. It turned out darling. I have several more t-shirts that I am going to probably recycle into similar tops, I even ordered some cute ribbon online yesterday from Les Bon Ribbon to embellish them.

Tonight I was reminded once again how important it is to have the right tool for a job and how important it is to do the prep work correctly even if it is tedious. A week ago last Saturday I decided to paint my small entryway powder room. Piece of cake I thought, I already had the paint left over from painting my daughter's bedroom. So I go into the bathroom and get started. I was out of plastic for the floor but I figured I'd just put down some towels and go at it. My painter's masking tape was also a bit old and not sticking well but I decided to just forge ahead anyway. Within minutes my son had gotten paint on the tile and i had to stop and clean it up. I also dripped paint a lot and kept having to clean up paint. Then I got the walls mostly done and started to work cutting in the ceilings and such with a paint brush. this was not going well with the brush I had but I kept at it. Finally tonight I gave up and went to the Home Dept and bought a special corner paint tool and a tool for painting edges. It took me minutes to redo the painting that was taking hours and it looks sooooo much better. I think that I might actually be done painting, I'll have to look at it in the morning when its dry. I wish I had just taken the time to go get the right tools in the beginning, I would have been done days ago! I guess that life just needs to give us these kind of lessons every once in a while. So the moral of my story is, don't struggle with something, find the right tool for the job and use it!