Thursday, September 06, 2007

Various Bits of Randomness

I was uploading my camera for the last post and found some pictures that I had meant to post. This second picture is of some things that I found at Goodwill, a airplane lamp for my son's room, a cowboy hat for his Halloween costume and a pattern for a skirt for me. The first picture is some cute fabric that I am going to use to make some shirts for my son they are Michael Miller fabrics, very retro and very cute. I even found some embroidery patterns to match at sublime stitching. The last picture is the finished wall hanging that I talked about here.

Why I need a fabric stash

This afternoon we are leaving for 5 days at Zion Canyon in Utah. About 9pm last night I decided that my child needed a crayon roll for the trip. So I used this pattern that I had found a while back to make him this crayon roll. This went together really quickly (I got the idea to make it at 9 and it was done before 10). I think that if I make another one I'll use elastic of Velcro to close it since my son is not yet old enough to tie the ribbons himself. These were so easy I think I'll make them and the gifts for the kids at my son's birthday.