Saturday, July 05, 2008

An Evening out with Friends

Today I worked from 7am to 3:30 pm then I came home and took the kids to church. After church I dropped the kids off with J and went out to an enjoyable dinner with a few friends. We were celebrating one friend's 32nd birthday and there was much laughter and girl talk.

Friday, July 04, 2008

A Post with pictures even!

Please forgive my absence lately but I have been dealing with some things in my private life. My friend S reminded me the other day that I enjoy blogging and just because there are things going on doesn't mean that I shouldn't do something that I enjoy.

So on to the post. I sewed today! I've noticed that my son's shorts have been getting smaller and smaller so today while the kids were at there grandparents with their father I made my son two new pairs of shorts. The tan pair is from a old pair of pants and the blue pair is from some leftover fabric from making this jacket for Alex. I've noticed that lately Alex checks for the tag on his shorts so to help him out I sewed a small ribbon tag to the back side of the shorts waistband seam. These shorts are so quick and easy to make especially with the serger. It is this pattern that I have used over and over again.