Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Clothes for Alex

Well it's a good thing that I worked so much on Alex's coat last week. My parents are taking him camping this weekend and he is going to need warmer clothes. I am pretty sure that he has outgrown the coat he used last winter. I finished the new coat today and also made up a pair of sweatpants since he has outgrown all of his warmer pants. I tried to get him to model the coat today but he wasn't having it.

I am also including a picture that Joe took yesterday. For some reason Alex loves to play with my hat.

In other news Abbie seems to have dropped today. I don't remember Alex doing this but today after my nap Abbie was definatly much lower than she has been. I have an apointment with my OB on Thursday and following that I am getting a massage and some foot reflexology. So, maybe we can convince this little girl that it is time to come out and meet the world.

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