Saturday, September 02, 2006

What I'm working on

Well, I know that I have been talking about not wanting to start a new project until I finish some of my UFO's, but I needed something new since I had gotten bored with what I was working on. Besides I have gotten several things done lately. So, I was browsing quiltville and came across this Oklahoma Backroads quilt pattern and it spoke to me. I have made 13 blocks so far and am enjoying the process. It looks less wild in the picture than it does in person. I was thinking about not having borders (since I hate putting them on), but I think that it is going to need some just to calm it down a bit. I am thinking that I will make this twin sized for my son when he moves into a big boy bed from his crib. I like the idea of a scrap quilt for this purpose since it will not likely show stains and it will definatly be a quilt that gets used and abused. I am already thinking that I will need to quilt this pretty heavily in order to make it sturdier. One nice thing about this quilt is that it is a stash quilt, coming mostly from scraps. In fact alot of these pieces I are coming from my 2 1/2" squares and strips. I am having to go into my stash for lights though since I seem to have mostly mediums and darks.

In other happenings, I am having baby withdrawls with Alex camping with his grandparents for the weekend. I had forgotten how borring life was before he came along. I was really hoping that Abbie would decide to make her appearance this weekend but so far no luck. I have a feeling she is going to be like her brother and wait until the very last minute to make her appearance.

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