Monday, October 02, 2006

I got to sew!

All I had to do was have a cranky baby that only wanted to sleep in the sling and only if I was moving. Actually the thing that put her to sleep the best was when she was in the sling and I was vaccuming. I am not sure what has been going on, but the last two days she has been really irritable and not sleeping well durring the day. This evening she finally passed out about 6pm and is still asleep. I am about to wake her up and feed her.

This last weekend was a really busy one with two birthday parties. The first one was at a place called Bounce U. It was really fun and a great alternative to Peter Piper Pizza. The second one was smaller and at another friend's house. Both were fun parties for the kids and silly boy behaved himself very well at both (especially considering he is not good at sharing and tends to bite when he gets frustrated). As a treat I bought him two matchbox cars and he has been having a great time playing with them.

Well as the title says I managed to sew a little tonight and got the two long outer borders on my Oklahoma Backroads quilt. I just have the two smaller borders and the quilt with be ready for quilting.

The two pictures are of silly boy that my husband took recently. He just loves his retro rocket and he loves wearing hats.

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