Sunday, October 01, 2006

October already

Can you believe that it is October already. I will be turning 30 this month, I can hardly believe it.

On a couple of the other blogs that I read the ladies have been going over their progress towards their September goals and talking about goals for October. I did this in August but not in September so I think it is time to start up again. So here are my goals for October:

1. Get dressed every morning.
2. Take a shower every day so that I don't constantly smell like soured milk
3. Finish my September blocks for Quilter's Delight
4. Take baby steps towards developing a new routine

That's about it for goals for this month. With my husband going back to work this next week I know that any little progress with be hard.

Today little girl has gas and has had a pretty rough morning where all she wants to do is nurse (but not really get any milk) and be held. If I do manage to get her to fall asleep she wakes right back up if I put her down. I was sitting on my exercise ball and gently bouncing her and she seemed to like it, but my back was getting sore from the position I was holding her. She is now in the swing making grunting/whimpering noises. I will probably have to go pick her up soon. I was hoping she would fall asleep so that I could go take a shower. No such luck she just started crying.

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