Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm a Winner

I have been thinking a lately that it's about time I won another giveaway, and tonight I got an email saying that I had won a $30 gift certificate to Queenbabybean. Way cool, I love winning things. Now the problem is what should I get? I have been thinking about getting the Boon frog pod for the kids bath to coral their bath toys. But I have also been thinking about getting a couple more of the Bum Genius pocket diapers. I have 4 of the BG diapers already and love their convenience (just like a disposable once you put the stuffer in). I really have enough diapering supplies, especially since Alex has potty trained, but these are more fun and they come in pretty colors. What would you get?


:) Heather said...

I bought the Frog pod, but it will not stay up on the wall :( We have tried both the suction cups and the 3M tape stuff so it sits on the floor now - just my review :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats! I would probably get some new clothes for my very active little girl!

SuzyQSparkles said...

I was thinking just what Heather said... I had trouble with suction cups on my walls, plus it seems kinda bulky but like it wouldn't hold a lot. I think your hospital-tub-catch-all works great!

I'd go for the diapering stuff, but you already have a pile, so, what about something from their gardening stuff? You said you were getting ready to start a garden with Alex... I saw the Gel Greenhouses for Plants

and thought it would be cool for someone so interested in plants.


Cricket said...

I would spend a few dollars extra and buy the Chantella - Green Strip Skirt for Abbie for Easter and spring in general. The purple is nice too. The other nice things are the Smart Sacks.

Qtpies7 said...

I totally love my bG's! They are the best diapers, and the only diapers that work over night, and I don't have to put more than one cotton babies insert in it!
I also love, love Mudpie Babies dipes. I am trying out a new wahm diaper soon, she is making me a sock monkey diaper with a matching wet bag and wipes, and I could not believe the price!
Do you like babylegs? I found a mom who makes some similar and they are sooo much cheaper! I bought two pairs for $11. My son wears his two pairs almost daily, so I am on the hunt for more.

Oh, and thanks for entering for my Boon giveaway!