Sunday, November 11, 2007

I love Prizey!

Some of you might have noticed that there is a button for Prizey on the sidebar of my blog. I would highly recommend checking them out. They are a blog that lists internet giveaways with lots of cool features so you don't miss anything. I have now won four things, the most recent of which is a Pixar short films dvd. I have also won a pair of baby legs, a pregnancy journal, and a children's cd. This weekend I got the baby legs in the mail and they are very cute!


SuzyQSparkles said...

Thanks Becky. Thanks A LOT! I mean really! This Prizey is a TOTALLY COOL site and everything, but I think I've ***seriously*** spent HOURS regestering for stuff since reading your post today!

Of course, yesterday I picked out sweats to wear today because I thought I needed a "chill out / calm down" type day. I just didn't think I'd spend the whole thing typing my address and birthday over and over... speaking of birthday, I just tried to enter a CosmoGirl Vacation get away and I "didn't meet the age requirements"... apparently, 34 is too old to go on a tropical vacation! Hah! Phoey on them!

Anyway, really, thanks for the tip on Prizey, but I really will have to set a timer when I go there!!!

Suzy :P

Stephanie said...

I love Prizey too...such a fun site and so many opportunities to win!