Thursday, November 08, 2007

Free to be me

I made a post yesterday that offended some people in my family and hurt others feelings. In response to that I decided to make my blog private. Now I am coming to second guess that decision. I love blogging, it is very therapeutic for me. I blog to clarify things for myself, to record my thoughts, feelings and opinions and as a scrapbook of my family's life. This blog is all about me and in a life where so often things have to be about other people I need something to be all about me. Some people may think that is selfish and wrong but I feel that I have a right to have some small piece of the world be about me.

I love that there are people out there that I have never met that find my life interesting enough to read about it. I get a thrill that there are people that subscribe to my blog, there are even people in other countries that want to know about me, wow! You all make me feel so special even if you have never left a comment. Thank you! I feel that part of the special feeling that I get from blogging will be lost if I make my blog private. So I have decided to make my blog public again. I can't promise to not offend anyone, all I can say is that my thoughts, feelings and opinions ar mine and mine alone and I have the right to have them just as you have the right to disagree with me.
To those I have offended or hurt, that was not my intention and I love you all very much.

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Sheila said...

I believe you've made the right decision for yourself. While there's always compromise, we let so much of "what others think" drive our lives that it becomes not our life.

I especially like your last statement and that it did not contain an apology for your feelings; their feelings of hurt and offense are theirs to own and examine.

Sheila in Ohio