Thursday, March 01, 2007

Running around all day

I ran errands for most of the day today and feel like I didn't get anything accomplished. I left the house shortly after 11am and didn't get back until after 5pm. I brought the baby with me so I wouldn't have to worry about getting back to feed her or bringing the breast pump. Unfortunately she is teething and likes to take a couple sucks and then pop off and chew on her fist for a bit and then repeat the process over and over. This has made for a bit of engorgement on my part since she is not feeding very effectively and makes it a bit more difficult to nurse discreetly in public. I really hope that these teeth come in soon.

Tonight I finished another knitted wool soaker for my daughter. Now she has a total of 4 soakers. I don't even bother to use the other kind of covers on her anymore, the wool is just so much better. I have two skeins of yarn that I bought at a local knitting shop that I think I am going to make some knitted shorts for the summer. I have decided to learn how to knit in the round in order to make the shorts that way.

I think that I am going to go to a quilt show/auction on Saturday. It is at a retirement community on the other side of town (60 + miles, the Phoenix area is Huge), so we will see how I feel about the drive come Saturday morning. I'll post pictures if I do go.

I have a couple of stamp sets for sale on ebay if you are interested. Here is a link:

Sorry for the disjointed post but it is late and I am tired. Good Night.

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