Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oklahoma Backroads and more

Well I have finished all of the blocks for the Oklahoma backroads quilt. Yeah! I will have to lay it out and make sure that I don't have any clumping of colors and same fabrics next to each other and then I should be able to start assembling it.

Tonight while I was in my room piecing I had the baby monitor on and could hear that silly boy was restless in bed and calling my name occasionally, but since he was not really upset I just let him fall asleep on his own. Well I went in there just a few minutes ago and he had managed to strip down to his prefold (the only thing holding it on was a snappi), he had managed to get his pj's and his diaper cover off. For all the trouble that he had falling asleep he was sure out when I went to get him dressed again. I managed to change his diaper and put him back in his pj's without even waking him up. Kids are so funny sometimes. Btw little girl has yet to make her appearance. I am about ready to take everyone's advice and take some castor oil and see if that gets anything started (other than the diahrea that it will cause).

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