Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well the pregnancy insomnia has hit me hard tonight. I went to bed at 10:30 and finally gave up trying to sleep at 3am. Called in sick to work. I am supposed to meet my supervisor today for my annual evaluation. I don't think it looks good to call in sick on your eval day. I did tell them to have her call me and that I would come in for the eval. I feel doubly bad because I took Alex to stay with his grandparents last night so that I could work today. I am sure that my mom won't truly mind. I think that one of the reasons that I couldn't sleep was that Alex wasn't here. I have been with out Joe in the house before, but this is the first night in almost two years that I have been at home and Alex has not been here.

I did manage to be a bit productive tonight. I am putting in some pictures. The two star blocks are the BOM from Quilter's Delight. I am glad to have them done so that if Abbie is born before I can go show them at least one of my firends should be able to bring them in to show and I won't have to pay. The other two blocks are the log cabin variation that I have shown before and the alternate block. It is hard to see in the picture, but the alternate block has a row of the background fabric around the outside and is the same size as the other block. I am not sure that I like this enough to make up a twin sized quilt, but I think that it will make a cute baby quilt. I'll have to let them age a bit. The two piles of hst blocks are the "waste" from making all of the flying geese for the star points of the BOM. I think that I will make some kind of sawtooth border for the final quilt. By the time I have made all 12 blocks I will have 96 hst blocks made for eash quilt. The last picture is of the string blocks that I am using for leader/enders on my machine. I have made 15 of them in the short time since I finished my last string quilt. It has been fun to pull out the string pieces and remember what quilt the original fabric came from.

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