Sunday, December 30, 2007

We're home

We left Jackson Hole at 10 am on the 27th and drove with only short potty, gas and food breaks and got home to Arizona at 4am on the 28th. This made for a very long day and a very exhausted Joe and Becky but we were all so very glad to get home. I think that the thing I missed the most on this trip was having space of my own. I am very luck to have a nice size house and it was so very hard to live in a hotel room smaller than the size of our master bedroom.

After we got home I went to the post office to collect the mail that had been on hold for us and it was a huge pile! I had some cool packages in the mail though. One was a set of bows from the Fairy Princess Bow Boutique. I also got two onesies from Happy Panda from a $40 gift certificate that I won. I also got a couple packages of trim from Michael Miller that I won from their blog. Lastly I got an emergency flashlight/radio/cell phone charger that I got free from from a deal that I found out about on imommies. I just love getting free stuff. We also got a ton of Christmas cards, which makes me feel guilty since I didn't manage to send out cards before I left town. I think that I am going to send out Happy New Years cards instead.

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