Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Do I look like a sucker to you????

We need sunscreens for our house. With the 100+ degree days the windows (over 30 in the house) really heat up the place, particularly the bedroom. I got estimates for sunscreens in November and had decided on a company that had the best prices and I felt comfortable with the saleslady. Well one thing and another happened and we were not able to get the sunscreens until now. A couple days ago I called up the company and said I was ready to have the screens put in. They said that the lady that did my estimate was not there any longer and they were going to have to send someone else out to do a new estimate. No problem, if they estimate was anywhere near what the last one was I would have paid for them on the spot so we could get them put in. Well to my surprise the new estimate was $2800 more. Is it because I am a woman? Because we have a nice house and therefore must be willing to blow wads of money? Or is it because it is the middle of the summer and we must be desperate for some heat relief? I brought the discrepancy up to the guy and he made some noises about looking up the other lady's estimate and talking to his boss and that he would get back to me. He eventually called and left a message that they were willing to honor the first estimate, but frankly I am not sure that I want to deal with a company that has business practices like this. I am so annoyed that I just had to share.

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Lisa said...

Personally I would have them do the work for the original price but be sure to let others know not to use them because of this. I think they just figured they have you in a corner since it is summer and you are bound to bite if you are hot enough. Sadly they didn't realize you are not a sucker and that is unfortunate for them and their profit margin!