Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holiday pictures

We had a nice holiday this year. I got the opportunity to sew with my husband's aunt again. it was great fun, my husband took my son four wheeling that day so it was just us three girls all day. Here is a picture of her with the quilt block she made. Plus a picture of little girl in her bumbo and a picture of my son and his cousin getting a ride from their papa.

My husband has finally convinced me to get cable. We had satellite for a while and then stopped it and I have not been willing to spend the money on it. He finally convinced me that it was okay to spend money for tv and the guy is coming tomorrow to install it. I look forward to having the Scifi channel and having local channels without static.

My son had fun this Christmas also. He got a tricycle from his grandparents that he loves. He also got a play shopping cart from us that he has been playing with. My daughter's (well mine actually) favorite gift was a bumbo seat. My favorite gift I actually got yesterday. After a 12 hour shift at work I came home and my husband had taken down the decorations. This was the best gift, I was dreading having to put the stuff away. Now I just need to start putting up the Valentines decorations.

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