Saturday, November 18, 2006


I can't believe that it is nearly Thanksgiving! It is still in the 80's here. It can't be Thanksgving and still be shorts weather. I am trying to get in the mood though. Today I put up the tree, I will work on the lights tomorrow. I am tempted to go buy one of those prelit trees, but I am too cheap to do it when I already have a perfectly good tree. I am taking some advice from a friend and have set up one of my superyards around the tree to keep a certain curious toddler out of the decorations and presents.

Speaking of toddlers, we got my son a big boy bed. It has been in his room for a couple of days now and he always wants to get in it and go "night night" so I childproofed his room today and tried to put him to bed in it. He was all excited about the bed and even laid down an let me tuck him in, but when I put the baby gate across his doorway (he is on the second floor and i don't want him running around) he got all upset. I ended up putting him back in the crib. I want to get him to sleep in the big boy bed though because I am ready to move my daughter to her own room and would like to move her into the crib since she is in a cradle right now. I better get to bed.

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