Monday, September 18, 2006

An update

Well I got the center for the Oklahoma Backroads quilt completed and just have to go out and buy some black fabric for the inner border and I should be able to get the top done. I even managed to find some fabric im my stash for the outer border. The fabric I found for my outer border is one someone else gave me for free and frankly I think that the "right" side is ugly (it has a ton of gold stars) but I was looking at the "wrong" side and it is a nice motled blue and if you look closely you can just make out the stars (no gold though). I think this will work well.

Yesterday I went over to a friends house and several ladies and I had a sewing day. It was nice to get together and sew. Before silly boy was born I would go to the LQS once a month for their quilter's night out and really enjoyed it. Since he was born though I have not been going and have missed it. So yesterday I managed to finish the oklahoma backroads top and I started trimming down the "waste" triangels and piecing them into pinwheels. I had an idea for a quilt using the pinwheels with alternate 4 patch blocks, but when I made up a couple of the 4 patches they just did not look right with the pinwheels. Back to the drawing board.

In baby news, well there is no baby news, she is being stubborn. I have to go in for testing this morning to make sure everything is ok but tomorrow she is being evicted (i.e. I am on the list for induction). Why couldn't she make this convenient? I had ready and available childcare this weekend, but did she come, NO! Now my mom is going out of town tomorrow, my MIL is already out of town and my father is probabaly going to have to go out of town also. I have a friend that offered to watch him, but her life has been pretty hectic lately and I hate to add to her burden. Hopefully the induction/delivery will go quickly and he won't have to be with anyone for long.

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SuzyQSparkles said...

I appreciate your concern, but you know it's not a "burden" to help you! Maybe an "inconvience", but not a "burden". {J/K, LOL!}

I was so glad to come and visit with you and your new little one last night! Hope all is going well today and you'll be settling in back at home tomorrow.

Suzy :)