Thursday, September 07, 2006

Still pregnant

Why is it that the closer to the end of a pregnancy a person gets the more people feel the need to ask if you are still pregnant? I am feeling pretty sorry for myself today since I am still pregnant and am just generally uncomfortable. So instead of getting a jillion phone calls from people asking me if I am in labor YET. I just sent out this email update:

I went to the OB's today, strike one for my bad mood, and fought the bad parking to get to my 10:00 apointment. Which by the way was originally scheduled for 10:20 but they called yesterday and asked me to come in early. Once there I was allowed the privelage of waiting in the waiting room for 1/2 an hour, strike two btw I mean why call me and ask me to come in early if you have no intention of seeing me on time anyway. Once seen they checked again to seek if my water was broken, which it is not, and checked my cevix, no change but all in all a rather painful procedure considering that these days it hurts just to walk. Now I am feeling pretty sorry for myself and go to the checkout desk to make my next apointment and am told that my only choice is next Friday at 8:30 am, strike three. I am so sick of the lowsy customer service at my ob's office. I really wish I had taken the time to find a new ob at the beginning of my pregnancy.

I mean really, if you are impatient for me to go into labor how do you think I feel????!!!!

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