Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing up

In my house legos have slowly been replacing trains. This has been such a big transition for me because in my mind Legos are such a big kids toy. A couple weekends ago, at Alex's request, I pulled the trains out of his room and switched the train table top to the plain side. At school Alex recently moved into the pre-k classroom too. I can't beleive that in a little over a month I will have a 5 year old! Here is a shot right after I finished (it's not nearly as clean now).

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SuzyQSparkles said...

Got it. I didn't understand why you were sad about trains leaving... now I do.

I personally remember Lego's as early as six, so my brother was four. After that, they turned more into a "boy toy" than a "girl" one, but we all played with them from time forward.

I find it more intriguing that my cousin's boys play with legos... they are 12 & 14. By this time, we had definitely slowed down on playing with them... of course, now they market fancier and "cooler" sets to younger AND older audiences.