Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quilt done

I got Abbie's quilt done this afternoon despite Abbie's "help" and telling me that it was done because she wanted to play with the quilt. As soon as I actually got it done and was taking a picture Abbie had to bring her pillow out and do a test drive.

I just stuck the quilt into the wash while Abbie was not looking hope she doesn't notice :)

Of the original pile of fabrics I have just a small amount left. I really had to get creative in order to make this quilt completely from stash. When I ran out of the solid cream background fabric I switched to the second choice fabric. When I didn't have enough of the multi colored polka dot fabric to make another row I made the piano key border with the leftovers. When I realized that I had cut a zillion 4" squares and had no yardage of background fabric left I pieced the inner borders. Lastly when I used the red fabric for the binding rather than the blue I would have preferred. I am very pleased with how this quilt turned out and hope that it gets much use over the next several years.


SuzyQSparkles said...

Let's see the back.

LOVE the Piano Key Border.

Working from what you had created a BEAUTIFUL finished project.

Like the binding too.

Janet said...

Lovely quilt, Becky. Judging by the super quick way the quilt got claimed, I think it will be well used.

Laurel said...

It turned out great Becky. I really like the red binding, as well. Abbie looks so sweet all covered in it.

Andee said...

It looks great and will get much love! I think I might use my 30's to do something like this one day..I love it!