Monday, September 15, 2008

Need Opinion

I have started making Abbie's birthday dress but I need your opinion. Most of the dress will be the yellow carebears fabric but I think that I want a different color for the crisscross straps in the back and some sort of ruffle at the bottom. I am making view C of the dress. My question is: Does the pink look OK or should I use a different accent color? Let me know ASAP since I have to have this done by Sunday.
Update: I decided to go with teal accents instead and it turned out great!


Heather said...

The pink seems to dark... Maybe a teal or light blue - the Mackey store is open tomorrow if you want to shop :)

SuzyQSparkles said...

I think for the small bits the dark pink would be okay, but I agree that it seems a little dark.

My thoughts go towards something dark in the yellow family... like a marigold color or darker yellow. I'd probably pull several pastels from the colors in the fabric and lay them out and take pictures, then look through them on my camera until I found one I liked most.

That said, in a pinch and in a hurry, the dark pink will work for those little touches.