Sunday, July 06, 2008

A couple new recipes to share

I have been craving Pad Thai lately, so I got online and found a recipe for Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp. On the 4th I thought about going out and getting the stuff to make it, but I procrastinated long enough that I ended up just going to Walmart to buy the ingredients to make a Vietnamese Sandwich. I got to tell you that both recipes are seriously delicious. Both recipes call for chili garlic sauce, but I used two different kinds. For the sandwich I used sweet chili garlic sauce and for the pad thai I used a savory chili garlic sauce. One change that I made to the Pad Thai recipe was that I used way less meat than called for. I used one thinly sliced chicken breast and 1/3 lb of shrimp that I cut in half. This was plenty of meat. The Pad Thai was not cheap to make (approx $17) but it made a huge batch and the two most expensive ingredients I have enough left over to make several more batches.

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