Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm a little behind

The kids and I have been sick for the last couple of weeks so I have gotten behind in my posts. Last Saturday my girlfriends had a sleepover and I brought along a UFO that I have been working on for quite a while. It is a rag run that I started at least 3 years ago. I managed to finish it and liked it so much the next day I found some junk fabric and cut it up and started to make another one to go in front of the sink in my bathroom.


SuzyQSparkles said...

Yeah for finishing old projects! I don't know what ever happened to my rag rug started at the same time. I recently saw a post for cutting up old t-shirts to make a rag rug... I'll bet it would be extra squishy! :D

Amy said...

I loved seeing your rag rug last night. I've always thought about making one of these but have never pursued it. My aunt and uncle have one that my grandmother made that is about 8' x 10' and it I believe made out of old wool clothing. It is really neat. I added a link to your blog from the NT blog ( If you prefer to not have the link there, let me know and I'll remove it. -- Amy