Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Brown Joins the Old Married People Club

Today my brother got married to his lovely girlfriend of 3 (I think) years. The ceremony was on the beach at their resort with my parents his bride's parents, me and Joe and my sister and her husband. Joe took the wedding photos and I am sure that they are going to turn out great. It has turned out to be a very long day though. The girls got together this morning to have a spa day and the guys went golfing so we had to take a taxi to their resort at 9am this morning and we just got back at 10:30. The massage and pedicure at the spa was lovely and it was nice to have that time to hang out together.

I am really missing my kids now and am looking forward to getting back to Rock Springs to collect them from Suzy. I have been in contact with Suzy by email pretty much every day, but since it costs $3.25 a minute to call there we have only been calling to talk to the kids every other day. Today was that every other day, but with the 3 hour time difference we got back to the hotel just at bedtime so I hurried to the room to call and luckily they were not asleep yet and we got to talk to them. Suzy assures me that they are doing fine, but I will be so glad to hold and kiss them again Monday night.

Tomorrow is our last full day at the resort and I am planning on just being lazy and relaxing all day. Joe and my dad want to go snorkeling and I am going to let them do that together, all I want to do tomorrow is sleep, eat and maybe I'll work up enough energy to go for a swim.

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SuzyQSparkles said...

Oh my! "work up enough energy to swim", huh? I have to work up enough energy just to get myself out of bed in the morning. This has been EXHAUSTING! Although, today I started thinking, we're finally getting a groove going!

Looking forward to seeing you too! I'm not going to know what to do with myself when we're back to two Mom's and four kids, or when it's back to 1:2!!!

Suzy :D