Friday, August 03, 2007

An Ode to Chick-fil-A

So what's a mother to do when her 2 year old has been in time out for most of the morning and you are at the end of your rope and it is nearing 100 degrees out. In my world that means you head to Chick-fil-A, at 10 am. They have great food, the place is always clean, the staff is extremely polite and they have a great playground. Perfect to run off some toddler energy and get a moment of rest for myself. Plus we are nearly out of feed here and I love the food so much I eat there at least three times a week, I am to the point that I will almost not eat at any other fast food place.

Afterwards we went to the mall with a friend and her kids for lunch and a little retail therapy. Alex didn't do so well at the mall play area, but at least I had my friend there for some mommy backup. Now we are home and the kids are upstairs in their rooms for naps and although I don't think that they are asleep they are both having a nice quiet time and I am enjoying a bit of a mommy break.

Here's a picture of the Alex with his Nana just to remind myself that he can be a pretty sweet kid. I just keep telling myself that someday he won't be two anymore.

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:) Heather said...

Got to love the mommy breaks :)
I realized why I don't go to church - I have Chick-fil-A instead to pay hommage to!