Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Cost of getting better

2 visits to the urgent care $20
1 visit to the lung Dr $10
7 prescriptions $49
5 shifts missed at work $1000

Having a husband that can work from home and help out with the kids... priceless.

I have been sick since August 13th and I just can't seem to shake it. Yesterday I went to the lung Dr. and she thought that I still had an infection in spite of 12 days on 2 different antibiotics and a 6 day course of steroids for my never ending cough. So, I am on a 3rd antibiotic for 14 days now and am on steroids for another 5 days. Thankfully I have good health insurance so those costs have been relatively reasonable, but I don't get sick time at work so that has been quite an impact. Hopefully this latest round of prescriptions will do the trick.

I have been managing to get some crafting done so as soon as I get some pictures taken I'll tell you all about it. Hint: Abbie's dress is done!

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Sweet P said...

Isn't health insurance great. I needed to use mine earlier this week when I was diagnosed with shingles.

And a DH who will take care of the children in absolutely priceless.

Hope you're feeling better soon.