Sunday, July 08, 2007

My morning

Last night when Joe was carrying Alex out of the bathroom he threw his head to the side and whacked his ear on the corner of the door. After comforting him he went donw to bed without a problem so I didn't worry too much about it until 5 am this morning when he woke up throwing up. After a couple of hours and several more throw ups I got concerned that he might have a concussion so I took him to the urgent care to be checked out. When they heard his symptoms they sent me straight to the ER. Luckily the ER was not busy and they got him right in. Long story short he had a cat scan and it was normal so they sent us home. While we were there he started to play a bit and act like he was feeling better so when we got in the car I gave him some water to drink. Not 5 minutes later that water came right back up. So I took him home and put him down for a nap. He still is not back to his normal active self and has hardly ate or drank anything today. I think that he had managed to catch a stomach virus. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.

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