Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I need a good stiff drink

Tonight I taught the breastfeeding class at work for the first time. I was nervous but I had convinced myself that I was going to do great. I don't have a laptop for the power point presentation, but my boss was going to meet me there at 6 to help me set up and bring me a laptop to use. So I get there early and start to set up. Six pm comes and no boss, that's ok she will be here I tell myself. Six fifteen and no laptop, I'm starting to get nervous but I tell myself that she will be there. Six thirty five, five minutes after class is to start and still no laptop, guess I'm going to have to wing it. Luckily there were copies of the power point for everyone, but I had taken extra time to put video in the presentation and I am disappointed that I am not going to be able to share it with them. So I am going along and about 20 minutes later the receptionist comes in to tell me that the laptop will be there in 10 minutes. Whew! I was doing well on content, but I wanted to be able to show people the video and pictures. The laptop did finally get there and I was able to show my video clips and all went well. The surveys were all positive, there was one note about needing to slow down a bit, but given that we finished about 30 minutes early I had already figured out that I was talking WAY too fast. Talk about a trial by fire! I am glad that I have gotten this first experience out of the way and I am proud of myself for acting graceful under pressure.

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:) Heather said...

Glad that the class went well :) Yeah you for stepping up - I have Malibu and OJ here with your name on it!!!