Friday, June 08, 2007

Sewing for Alex

Last summer I made several pairs of shorts for Alex and he has been wearing them so far this summer. Today I noticed that one of those pairs had gotten pretty tight so while the kids were napping I made him two more pairs of shorts. These go together pretty quickly since I put the two pattern pieces together and don't even have to make a side seam. the only thing that takes a bit of time is that Alex requires pockets for all of his cars and such so I put patch pockets on the side. One pair is made out of some seersucker train fabric that I got at Walmart last summer, the other pair is out of some denim that I got from freecycle. The pattern is New Look 6641, I have made a couple other pairs of shorts from this pattern and like it.

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Beth said...

I loved to sew for my youngest..I would let him pick out a novelty fabric when he went with me to the fabric store.I made all his shorts. I still have squares left over I have used in an I Spy quilt or two. I guess I should make one for ME with those fabrics! NO WAY an 11 yr old would be caught DEAD in those shorts anymore! HA!