Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Third (and a Fourth!) Tooth

I has been pretty hectic around here lately. Little miss Abigail got her third (and fourth!) tooth on Monday. She got her third tooth in the morning and the fourth one later that afternoon. No wonder she has been cranky lately. Actually she has another tooth that looks like it will be popping out sometime soon. She has been particularly fussy this evening and this is the first time since I got home at 4:30 that she has let me put her down, let alone have my breast back :)

On Tuesday night I went to Nimble Thimbles and the program was a super show and tell where we were asked to bring in our first and most recent quilts. My first quilt was a rail fence made out of 30's reproduction prints. I was one of those kids that was hand sewing doll clothes for her Barbie in elementary school and then took a sewing class in junior high. I was lucky enough to have an aunt that sewed that lived right down the street (love you Aunt Martha), but the class and the aunt focused mainly on garment sewing and I always had an interest in quilting. I tried once to make a quilt when I was in high school, but since I knew nothing about cutting things accurately and 1/4" seams I soon gave up. Finally as an adult I got a job where a couple people were quilters and they pointed me in the direction of a quilt shop that had a beginning quilting class. In the class we made three quilts one was a rail fence the next was a nine patch and the third was a friendship star. I still have two of these three quilts.

My most recent finish is a wall hanging for Valentines day. It is the same pattern as the Joy wall hangings that I made for Christmas but with Love down the center instead of Joy. I have been working on this with my friends when we get together once a month to work on projects and hand out. I continue to work on the blocks for my guild's mystery quilt and have almost finished making 1/2 square triangles. Since I am making the quilt scrappy I wanted to make a bunch of triangles at one time so I could have more variety in each block. Once the triangles are done the rest of the blocks should go quickly. They are revealing the setting for the quilt next Tuesday so it would be nice to have it done by then.

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Bingo~Bonnie said...

My dauhter got all 4 of her top front teeth within the same weekend...I can relate to how hetic it has been for you having a fussy baby on hand. Poor baby girl!