Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Busy Two weeks

I can't believe that it has been nearly two weeks since I last posted. Life has been busy. First both of the kids got sick with a stomach virus that lasted about a week. My son was throwing up (all over my husband and thankfully not me, I don't do puke) had diarrhea and a fever, my daughter had a much milder case (thank you breast milk) with just a fever and a desire to nurse or scream. My husband was a great help in that we were able to divide and conquer. He took our son and kept him entertained and I took our daughter and just let her nurse as much as she wanted. Consequently after a couple of days my milk supply was greatly increased. They are both doing much better now. I then worked a shift (7am-7:30pm) and came home just aching all over. I chalked it up to needing new shoes, but it became apparent by the next day that I had caught whatever my kids had. I was very careful to wash my hands and try not to get infected, but it's hard when you have a two year old that constantly wants to eat off your plate and drink whatever you have. I was lucky and only was sick for a couple of days.

My friends and I have decided to have a monthly work day to get our Christmas presents done early and avoid the stress of trying to complete projects at the last minute. We had our first get together on the 14th and I started work on about 7 wall hangings that I will give out next Christmas. I hope that we can keep up the progress on these it will be so nice to have a stress free holiday.

I have decided to learn how to knit. Since I use cloth diapers you can also use wool covers, either knitted or from wool fabric. Both are expensive to buy, but I have found that they work wonders for nighttime with my daughter who is a heavy wetter. The wool lets the moisture evaporate so that her clothes are slightly damp and not totally wet like they are with other covers that I try to use at night. So, I have decided to knit her a wool soaker. With the use of the great videos on a knitting site that I found and a pattern from fern and faerie I am doing pretty well. I am actually enjoying learning a new skill, plus I have found that knitting is not as difficult as I have always thought it to be (although so far all I have done is knit and purl).

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