Monday, November 06, 2006

An update

I have quite a few pictures to share today. The first picture is of a diaper cover that I made tonight for little girl. I made it from the Diaper Covers Deluxe pattern from New Conceptions. It is a nice cover and goes together pretty quickly. It was a bit large when I put it on her, but I am sure she will grow into it quickly.

The second picture is of my son with his loot from his first time trick or treating. This was actually his third Halloween, but the first time I took him trick or treating. He really enjoyed putting the candy into his bag. There is also a picture of him holding his little sister who "borrowed" her big brother's first Halloween outfit (a pumpkin costume that was a gift from his great aunt Mary). The picture with the pumpkins is of the three of us at Schnepf Farms for their Pumpkin and Chili festival.

Lastly the quilt is my stars over time quilt and it is done! I even put a label on it. I think that this quilt is probably the most square quilt that I have ever made (thanks Bonnie!). I have decided to show this quilt at next years quilt show, I am really pleased with how it turned out. As an added bonus this quilt is not only a UFO finish it is a stash quilt (other than the binding).

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