Monday, October 30, 2006


A couple friends and I were talking yesterday about the expectaitions that we have for our children. One friend felt that she might have too high of expectations and the other felt that she had too low of expectations. This got me thinking and I pretty much have no expectations of my son. Which leads me to something else my friend said, which is that if you don't let them help out around the house when they are young and want to help they are not going to want to helpwhen they get older. So I am going to try to let/make my son helpout more around the house. I started by having him hand me hangers while I put away his clothes, and had him put stuff away in the drawers that he could reach, then I let him take the towels out of the dryer. He did really well with both of these tasks and I made sure to give him alot of praise. The next challenge will be to start teaching him to pick up his toys. I just need to remember to give him the time and to not get frustrated.

In quilting, I got all of the borders on my stars over time and have started to quilt it. I am looking forward to completing another ufo. Yeah!

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SuzyQSparkles said...

Yeah for you and for Silly Boy! Napkins on the table at meal-tiem may be another good one for him (nothing to break!) :)