Monday, December 18, 2017

Clue #4 Done!

I'm so excited that I have been able to keep up with the clues this mystery!  In all of the mysteries that I have done previously I have always been behind by the time we got to clue number four.  Last week with clue number 3 I wasn't so sure that I'd be able to finish in time, but this week I was done by Saturday night.  I was able to pull all of the blue fabrics from my precut strips and squares and some of the browns.  This has helped speed up cutting so much!  As a mater of fact I got the clue shortly before leaving for work on Friday and was able to quickly grab strips out of my drawers and bring them to work to cut at lunch.  Because I have been able to pull so much from my precut drawers I have barely touched the fabrics I pulled for the mystery except for the coral fabrics since that is not a color that I use often.  I can't wait for the next clue to come out! I'm participating in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Monday link-up so make sure to go here to see what other's are doing.


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Andee Neff said...

Did you get this done? Party in a still have time!

Unknown said...

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